About BlackLab ADH

BlackLab ADH (Arabic Digital Humanities) provides access to several Arabic corpora.


The following corpora have been indexed in BlackLab. For each corpus, the raw text data is available.


The software powering this website was developed at the Dutch Language Institute, and customized for Arabic by the Netherlands eScience Center and Utrecht University within the Bridging the Gap project.

Further support was provided by the ERC Consolidator Grant The Senses of Islam (project no. 724951).

The corpus search is powered by BlackLab, an open source Lucene-based corpus retrieval engine allowing fast and complex searches on large volumes of annotated text.

The front end is BlackLab, an open source front end for BlackLab.

The pipelines for analyzing and indexing text are available in the Arabic Digital Humanities research-scripts repository. Please refer to the README for additional information.